Thai traditional massage

The traditional Thai massage in the years affected by other influences, even by western. Although traditionally by monks in Buddhist temples was practiced, the action is no longer confined to the temple area. Thai massage is practiced everywhere in Thailand, in massage parlors in hospitals, hotels, on the beach. And there are plenty of different massage schools founded. This different treatments quite in style and effectiveness.

Traditional Thai massage is a full body treatment, acupressure, reflexology, yoga and stretching the typical rekkingen and integrate within a sophisticated choreographic play between the masseuse and the patient.
Traditional Thai massage brings the major muscle groups in balance. It increases the elasticity and flexibility of the body. The serene quiet attention and deep empathy make you more in touch with yourself. There is room for tension release. After a full Thai massage feel a strange mixture of mental rest and a body that flows of energy!
During the massage physical manipulations harmonize, correct and stimulate the body.